Mercy of wild things
The songs are about wild places inside and outside us, about love and loss, about dark corners of the heart Red Earth & Rust’s is a compelling new voice in the singer/songwriter genre, with powerful storytelling and soulful lyrics with its release of - Mercy of Wild Things 
Memories Of Rain
Born in Europe and raised in Africa, Reini has worked as a lawyer and corporate soldier in various international locations in each of which he also played out his passion of singer/song-writing. From earliest years he has loved the Cape of Storms and now fittingly lives in Simonstown. Founder of False Bay Folk and regular performer, he has recorded two albums, ‘Leave Your Light On’ and ‘Memories of Rain’. His anthology of lyrics and biographic anecdotes, ‘History Washes Away’, was self-published in 2016. Recurring subjects in his writing are – water, space (as in the Karoo), travel, equity and human fragility.
Half of you
Raised listening to Neil Young and Joan Beaz, trained classically at UCT, and with nearly 20 years spent performing around South Africa and Europe, Jennifer Eaves is a musical enigma. Morphing between classical musician, celtic, and Folk story teller, Jennifer has immersed herself in the world of emotive songwriting.  With her 2 previous albums “Braiding the Silence”(2006) and “Land of Lonely”(2011) in her pocket, Jennifer is ready to release her most recent album “Half of You” which tells stories from the road, the heart, and the home. It will take you on a journey of what it means to be human, to be present in our own lives, and the world around us.
Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Hilton Schilder was born into a musical family in Lotus River, Cape Town. He is the son of esteemed South African jazz pianist Tony Schilder (1937-2010) and nephew of Chris Schilder of Cape Town's groundbreaking jazz-fusion group of the 1970s, Pacific Express.
Flying Visits
Caroline started playing the guitar by ear when she was 11 years old and never looked back. She started on simple folk songs from The USA and the British Isles, and Jeremy Taylor (of Ag Pleez Deddy fame) showed her her first chords.
Esho Funi
Vuyo Katsha is a notable Akadinda Amadinda log xylophone player who embodies the ancient South African themes of the Mbira.
Meditations & Lullabies
This recording project is based on an intention to create music and sounds that soothe babies in utero and outside the womb, as well as pregnant women.
With vocals in Spanish and Roma, and an artillery of ancient and acoustic instruments, we evoke a wide spectrum from The Old World: melodies from the mountains of Al-Andalus, rhythms from the Middle East and stories from the sands of the Sahara!
This is an intimate album where Nino shares his life experiences painted in poetry, melody and rhythm.