Meet The Team

A New Vision

After Covid Rootspring NPC has intensified its original philosophy of creating opportunity for talent into one that actively searches for and creates training and performance opportunities for emerging and established artists /musicians.

There is an urgency to re imagine a new era for artists in South Africa, the fabric and conscience of society. Our vision at Rootspring is to realize this imagining by developing our local artists’ originality and authenticity. The current crisis in the Arts industry gives rise to an opportunity for expanding our vision to embrace the Online Global Community through conscious art and music.

Meet the Team
Jonny Blundell

I was born into a house full of music and musicians. My dad Keith, always had musicians coming round to practice, record, play or just to hang out. I think I hated school just because it was so much more fun being at home! When I was 12, my parents took my brother and sisters out of school and we toured round Southern Africa for a year doing shows in all the cities and dorpies. We had many other musical adventures including working on cruise ships, which as a young teenager was an amazing experience for me.

My dad went on to setup a little recording studio in our home, where at a very young age I was already getting experience in the recording process. I loved it all. I didn’t realize at the time how fortunate I was… Music was as much part of my life as water and air!

I was also very fortunate, (thanks to Bertie Lubner), in the early 80’s to be able to go and study Music at Berklee college of music in Boston. I was largely musically illiterate when I went there, so this was life changing stuff for me on many levels.

Through-out the years I have played guitar with countless musicians in many bands in many places around the world, and this has mostly been a source of great joy to me. Bands like Fat City, Keep the Change and the Zub Zub Marauders. I have also spent many hours in recording studios and in the 90’s I worked at SABC as a music producer and got invaluable experience. This included producing live radio broadcasts of many local and international musicians and bands, including Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, Jackson Browne, David Gates, and many, many others!

I have also worked in the corporate sector as a composer and musical director, not always as nurturing but great experience none the less!

I feel most fortunate and grateful for all of this, and even more so to be involved as a director of Rootspring productions along with my very dear friend Nino Rivera. We have begun a new and very exciting journey which will no doubt be filled with amazing musical experiences for us and for many musicians and music lovers!


My name is Antonio (Nino)Rivera, I was born in Genova, Italy and imported to SA at the tender age of 13 months. I have always had a deep love for music  inspired by my mother, Gabriella.

When I was 10 years old I met the Blundell Family, and I was warmly welcomed into a home filled with music in contrast to the very business oriented family life I was used to. Keith Blundell (AKA Eyebrows) was like a second father to me as he greatly encouraged and nurtured my journey as a musician. His son Jonny and I made an instant connection and our great friendship has thrived ever since. 50 years later Rootspring was born, our fathers’ gift allowing us to keep Music alive via the flow of my father’s skills as a civil engineer and very successful property developer. If it weren’t for these two great fathers, Rootspring would not
be here today. Rootspring’s aim is to find South African song writers, poets, composers and unheard of musicians; direct, produce, video, record and promote their artistry to the highest level. We want to help the artists under the umbrella of Rootspring to feel supported and engaged with other highly experienced musicians through open collaboration.