The Lockdown Series: Yum Yuck, Lee Thomson, Shaun Johannes & Ben Badenhorst

With Covid jeopardising employment prospects for musicians, a wide range of approaches to making, sharing and experience music have arisen. People around the world have turned to music to help them through the crisis, music has become embedded in our responses to disrupted lives. This is our response to the crisis as Rootspring.

What happens to music when we can no longer gather? It brings us together even when we are apart. This distance collaboration is an original piece by singer/songwriter Yum Yuck and features trumpeter Lee Thomson, bassist Shaun Johannes and Guitarist Ben Badenhorst.

Yum Yuck is headphone music. It’s personal and intimate, a meditation between listener and artist rooted in the human condition. Simple yet poetic lyrics thoughtfully delivered and bathed in luscious synthesisers, beautifully textured guitars, free-thinking bass lines and groovy rhythms.

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