Jennifer Eaves, Caroline Blundell & Julie Blundell Field Recording

“Sing About It” recorded live in a forest with Jennifer Eaves, Caroline Blundell and Julie Blundell in Cape Town, South Africa. A different take of the original song written by The Wood Brothers.

On a rainy morning in November, three talented Cape Town based folk musicians gathered to record a song to bring a positive message in this whirlpool of end of year craziness.

Jennifer Eaves: Is a trained folk musicain with majors in voice and piano and has quietly built a solid reputation for crafting meaningful folk songs with strong messages.

Caroline Blundell: Music was an integral part of her upbringing, born and raised in a very musically driven environment alongside her parents and siblings. She picked up a guitar at 11 years old, appeared in many folk festivals and folk clubs with her family band and never looked back.

Julie Blundell: Sister to Caroline and having been brought up in the same family has acquired exceptional harmonizing skills as well as playing great acoustic and bass guitar.

Audio recorded and mixed by Jonny Blundell
Video directed, filmed and edited by Bruce Meissner
Logistical support: Purity Mkhize

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