Field Recording: Nceba Gongxeka – Mpempe

Rootspring and Cape Town Arts Festival bring you a Field Recording by Nceba Gongxeka and Duane Star called Mpempe – captured at HoutBay river on a winter’s morning in June.

With the talented Nceba Gongxeka on the Harp and the main vocals and Duane Star on the Cello, Mpempe is the name of Nceba’s late uncle who mentored him throughout his childhood. The song is made out of two songs merged as one – the first part of the lyrics is him thanking his clan ooMfene, Lisa, Msuthu, and Jambase ooMalukazi for their gifts, talents, and guidance. The final part of the lyrics is about being at a gathering with lots of girls and wanting to see who will be chosen first through the traditional dance umtyityimbo mixed with umnqokolo.

The sound of the stream is a perfect background to this gentle and spiritual song.

Music Director: Jonny Blundell (Rootspring)

Film Director: Bruce Meissner (Ode to Road)

Executive Producer: Yusuf Ganief (Cape Town Festival)

Supported by WC Dept of Cultural Affairs and Sports.

Special thanks to Penny and Graham from Homestead for the use of their property.

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