What We Do

A New Vision

Under the directorship of Yusuf Ganief, Rootspring NPC has intensified its original philosophy of creating opportunity for talent into one that actively searches for and creates training and performance opportunities for emerging and established artists /musicians.

There is an urgency to re imagine a new era for artists in South Africa, the fabric and conscience of society. Our vision at Rootspring is to realize this imagining by developing our local artists’ originality and authenticity. The current crisis in the Arts industry gives rise to an opportunity for expanding our vision to embrace the Online Global Community through conscious art and music.

Growing Artists


This part of Rootspring focuses on monthly live and/or online performances showcasing between 4 to 10 artists on average per performance and annually developing and promoting between 48 and 120 musicians. In 2019 more than musicians were showcased at Axminster House in Muizenberg.


A monthly focus on showcasing artists in unique locations and settings with high quality live audio and video recordings to compete with the growing online opportunities, nationally and internationally. 4 to 10 artists will be showcased and recorded monthly.


A monthly workshop and training series for 20 emerging and established artists to equip them in an era of online concerts and social media marketing. All participating artists of the Growing Artists Project as well as other artists will receive training in staging, basic sound, basic photography, basic social media skills, media and marketing. This will be done in partnership with established arts training and workshop facilitators, as well as iconic artists provide master classes.

Incredibly supportive of local music. True passion for the art and great people behind this beautifully, warm hearted company

Ann Jangle

Great, intimate venue and wonderful people!

Mark Fransman

Rootspring is truly a haven for musicians. And for beautiful, original music. The quality of the recordings and live gigs produced by Rootspring says it all really. Soul, care, love, professionalism. In a venal world Rootspring gives us hope. Viva Rootspring Viva!

Nigel Vermaas
Bush Radio

Being part of the Rootspring Music experience has brought new growth to my musical journey. Not many platforms have been able to give me such a great collective of individuals I can call family. Big salute!


I really enjoyed my time here. As an artist, I was treated well and appreciated for my work. It’s a beautiful space for any artist to come perform or watch a performance.

Odwa Bongo

Rootspring is doing deeply important work for South African culture, music and musicians with their whole hearts. Working with them has been inspiring, uplifting and fun!

Pippa Ehrlich
My Octopus Teacher Director

Beautiful, intimate venue run by an amazing team. Really enjoyed playing there and can’t wait to go back

Jon Shaban

We recently (the Jack Mantis Band) performed at the Rootspring House. What a night! Possibly the most intimate setting for a truly humbling listening experience…and possibly the finest live sound we’ve ever experienced.

If you’re a true listener of sound and lyric, Rootspring should be on your monthly calendar.

Jack Mantis

I love Rootspring. I love the care that they take in the production of every musical and filmic offering they create. Their approach of respecting the artist as well as the art above all really makes them a remarkable component of the South African and global music scene.

Zolani Mahola
The One Who Sings

I’m deeply impressed and moved by the work of Rootspring. They are all passion and commitment in uplifting musicians from all walks of life. They contribute greatly to social justice. Good people doing good work, well done Rootspring.

Craig Foster
Sea Change Project