Caroline Blundell

This gorgeous celtic/folk inspired music is bound to spark your imagination and feed your soul.

This incredible album tells tales inspired by her life from when she was just a child (using playful and sometimes dark fairy tales), to the deeper, emotional tales & realisations of a woman who has traveled a long road and come to her own beautiful, wise and poetic realisations.

Released February 11, 2017

Caroline Blundell: Vocals & acoustic guitar
Brydon Bolton: Double bass
James Van Minnen: Drums & Percussion
Jonny Blundell: Electric guitar & Dobro
Julie Blundell: Backing vocals & harmony arrangements
Massimo Giuntini: Irish whistle & Uilleann pipes
Terrence Scarr: Viola & string arrangements
Jamie Jupiter: Mouth harp & the wolf on 3 little piggies
James Harvey: Celtic harp & piano accordian
Robin Auld: Guest vocals on Adam and Eve
James Harvey: backing vocals on Princess Olivia
Zia & Michaela Kingwill-Cloete (&various friends and family): Chorus on Dinosaurs

Produced by Jonny Blundell
Recorded by Jonny Blundell, Dave Langemann & Paris Zanos
Mixed and mastered by Rogan Kelsey of Kelsey mastering
Album design by Marissa Van Minnen. Illustrations by Lara Berge

Telling Tales
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