Nino Rivera

Its not often that someone records their debut album when they are in their 60’s. But Nino Rivera is not just anybody…Organic farmer, Sound engineer, Grand Father, Founder of Rootspring music and wonderful, original and very creative singer- song writer.

The album features some wonderful Cape Town musicians, including Mark Fransman, James van Minnen, Rayelle Goodman, The Blundells , Raven Sklair and String & Brass arrangements by Terrence Scarr. Acoustic, Original, Beautiful, Real and Creative. Check it out!

This is an intimate album where Nino shares his life experiences painted in poetry, melody and rhythm. Released April 22, 2017

Vocals and guitar: Nino Rivera
Double bass: Brydon Bolton
Drums, percussion: James van Minnen
Piano, accordion & trumpet: Adriaan Brand
Guitar in “Gabon”: Susie Sklair
Backing vocals: Susie Sklair, Caroline, Julie and Jonny Blundell
Guitars: Nino Rivera, Jonny Blundell
Violins: Piet De Beer, Petra Hofmeyr
Viola: Sarah Evans
Cello: Cheryl De Havilland
Trumpets: Dave Thompson, Marco Maritz
French Horn: Gene Kierman
Trombone: Ryan Kierman
Tuba: Shaun Williams

Choristers on Ring them Bells
Sopranos: Margaret Barrie, Kathy Collins, Lil Pyman, Julia van Eden, Toby Webb Altos, Samantha Daly, Wendy Masters, Sandy Rivera
Tenors: Barry Coltham, Ugò Rivera
Basses: Michael Bardoleau, Jonny Blundell, Nino Rivera

Acoustic Guitars Nino Rivera plays on this album:
Mervyn Davis Smoothtalker 12 string,
M D Smoothtalker Baritone,
2017 M D Model 00 steel string,
1994 Marc Maingard nylon string,
1960’s Fender Malibu steel string

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