With vocals in Spanish and Roma, and an artillery of ancient and acoustic instruments, we evoke a wide spectrum from The Old World: melodies from the mountains of Al-Andalus, rhythms from the Middle East and stories from the sands of the Sahara!
This is an intimate album where Nino shares his life experiences painted in poetry, melody and rhythm.
Home & Secure
Nick’s music effortlessly spans genres, with influences ranging from rock, reggae and African to hip-hop, ghoema and jazz.
Native Young is the brainchild of Yannick Meyer, a 27-year-old producer and songwriter, from Cape Town, South Africa.
Gareth Smit, 23, sings and switches between playing acoustic piano, guitar and electric guitar. His songs straddle a variety of musical genres with a strong contemporary folk-pop feel. Gareth hails from Cape Town, South Africa.
Comprised of guitarist Dave Ledbetter and percussionist Ronan Skillen, world music duo Deep South is an instrumental collaboration that incorporates in their music sounds from across the globe.
Telling Tales
This incredible album tells tales inspired by her life from when she was just a child (using playful and sometimes dark fairy tales), to the deeper, emotional tales & realisations of a woman who has traveled a long road and come to her own beautiful, wise and poetic realisations.
Amathongo is an evolving world music project which mixes traditional African styles with Jazz and a great variety of other music genres. It features particularly sounds of traditional southern African musical bows and other traditional African Instruments.
Now is the Time
Roger Lucey’s songs have always crossed genres and themes in an attempt to describe the world he lives in. Love songs sit easily beside those that speak truth to power and road songs tell of the many journeys he has undertaken.