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Rootspring pride ourselves in knowing that we offer our clients world class, high quality sound productions time and time again.
We have a small task force that are both well studied, and endeavor to communicate efficiently with both each other, and our clients, so that we can ensure that vision becomes reality.
“Rootspring Records” is a world music label that offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to musicians: all the upfront support, advice and funding necessary to hold a beautifully produced & packaged album in their hands, with an ethical repayment plan that puts the musician first, without the dread of debt hanging over them.


As we are a non-profit company, and the artists under our umbrella are served with the highest standard of quality, the financing for each project is extensive. Therefore, only a few lucky applicants can be picked annually, and there is a strict selection process.

To be considered the artist must tick the following three boxes:


– The music must fit at least broadly into a world music genre
– The artist must have composed his or her own original music
– The artist should be skilled in their trade


If the artist fills the above criteria then the 3 directors of the company all have to come to a unified decision as to whether they would like to take them on board.

How We Work Get in Contact


If you feel you are not a candidate for our record label, but would still like to use our recording services, please also feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a quote for your project. The good news is, not only will you get competitive costing and a top quality production, but you will also be indirectly funding the continuation and growth of local music on a world scale.

We serve the needs of sound recordings for both individuals, & businesses on many levels.


– Composition & recording for corporate projects and advertising agencies
– Film score compilation and composition
– Personal recording projects


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