Mark Fransman (sonik citizen) & Jitsvinger

Rootspring is very excited to be hosting this special performance! Mark Fransman and Jitsvinger have been putting their energy out there to work together for a while now and this is the perfect way to launch into what we believe to be a special collaboration, both artistically and socially! These two award winning artists are no starngers to the South Africa music scene and have made massive contributions to our local industry.

Mark Fransman:
“The world of sound is my one true home… I am a citizen of that world. I am Sonik Citizen.” – Sonik Citizen (aka Mark Fransman)

More than anything sound has mystified me since childhood. Not even music, just sound… Fundamental frequencies vibrating and resonating through air. A voice, a barking dog… I felt at home in this world from a very young age and decided to spend my days as a practitioner of sounds. I decided to become a musician…

Calling myself Sonik Citizen reconciles my true nature with my place in society and on this planet…I am Sonik Citizen.

Award-winning Afrikaaps vernacular Hip-Hop artist and performance poet Jitsvinger (Quintin Goliath) started his ascent in the music industry while still at school. In the mid-90’s he was inspired by acts and Hip Hop crews including P.O.C (Prophets of da City). Known as an Afrikaans cultural activist, Jitsvinger attempts to promote and preserve its vernacular through music,

poetry and theatre. Inspired by jazz, influenced by his love of Afrikaans and indigenous culture, passionate about social change and immersed within Hip Hop, Jitsvinger is more than just a rapper. Since his debut album Skeletsleutel in 2005, Jitsvinger

has grown from a Hip Hop artist into a diverse performer, able to embrace multiple platforms and stages from theaters, to nightclubs and literary and music festivals.

Always creating against the commercial grain, while local Hip Hop’s identity is still being formed, Jitsvinger considers himself to be an unconventional MC, performing a stream of consciousness which has successfully exposed him to a much broader audience beyond Hip Hop.

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