Adrian Freedman & Elahn Keshava

An Evening of Kirtan singing and Shakuhachi flute music with Elahn Keshava and Adrian Freedman

Devotional chants from India and músical meditations from Japan presented by two master musicians who have each spent more than 20 years studying and performing the spiritual traditions of the East. Audience participation is encouraged in the first part of the evening, where Elahn Keshava will lead a session of Bhajans and mantras, accompanied by guitar and harmonium.

In the second part of the evening Adrian will play the Zen bamboo flute Shakuhachi. He will play ancient meditation music from the Zen temples of Japan, as well as new music of his own. This music is very powerfully evocative of inner and outer stillness.

Adrian Freedman:

Adrian Freedman is a composer and performer, who lived 7 years in Japan studying the shakuhachi flute with Yokoyama Katsuya. Later he lived in Brazil, immersed in the music of sacred forest rituals. He has composed soundtracks for contemporary theatre and dance and collaborated in a great variety of music projects with musicians from across the spectrum of classical, traditional and world music.

Elahn Keshava:

Elahn Keshava is a musician, teacher and the visionary founder of Shekinashram, the well-loved Bhakti Yoga ashram in Glastonbury UK. Shekinashram opened in 2003 and is a centre for sharing the beauty and joy of the path of Bhakti Yoga through kirtan (devotional singing), storytelling & ceremony.


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Yes. We don't have a liquor license, but any drinks are welcome.

Yes, children are welcome, provided they are supervised at all times and don't disturb the show for other audience members.

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