The Adventures of Shani and Komba

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The musical adventures of Shani & Komba: A little South African girl, Shani, discovers music in the world around her and friendship in a little bush baby named Komba. This delightful story is full of music and laughter
Recommended for kids aged 3 – 7 years old.

Credits as follows:

Song Titles & Comopsers:
The Wise Owl: Jamie Jupiter
Komba: The Collective
The Duck Song: Traditional
Big Green Tree: Julie Blundell
It’s Raining Cats & Dogs: Caroline Blundell & The Collective
Jellyfish: Jamie Jupiter
I’m so Glad: Caroline Blundell
Penguin Song: Music by Jamie Jupiter, Lyrics by Jamie Jupiter & The Collective
Lion oh Lion: Chris McHale
Waltzing With Baby: Jess Daneel de Mira
Story: Written by The Collective

Instruments, Vocals & Sound Effects: by The Collective
Jamie Jupiter, Caroline Blundell, Jonny Blundell, Jess Daneel de Mira & Julie Blundell.
Guest appearance: Nino Rivera

Additional Vocals: Zia Kingwill – Cloete, Anita Mira & Julia Mira.

Narrator: Purity Mkhize
Shani: Naledi Mkhize
Komba: Ebony Blundell

Sound Engineer: Jonny Blundell at Rootspring

Illustrated: Ruth Frances

Children's Audio book
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