Caroline Blundell

I finally wrote my first song when I was 40, and my album is really a retrospective from then until now. I never really thought I would have the chance to record a “proper” album, mainly because it is very expensive. I also thought my music  wasn’t commercial enough, but thanks to the very generous sponsorship of my musician friend Neil Harvey, it has all come together beautifully. I am over the moon with the results, and it feels wonderful to finally have a decent record (pun  intended) of some of my songs.

My brother Jonny Blundell is a great guitarist and music producer, and my sister Julie is an exceptional harmoniser, as well as playing great acoustic guitar and bass guitar. I have to include them in the “about myself” bit, because they have  had so much to do with the way my songs have developed and also the way my album turned out. I have been so lucky to have the support and contributions of time and talent from many people that I know and love.

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